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(A unique training academy , working towards the vision of creating tomorrow's responsible citizens.)

The Marshal Cadet Force is a private institution, aimed at creating a pool of organized trained and motivated youth. MCF provides an environment which compells the cadets to be Organized, Disciplined and self-reliant. MCF's curriculum is flexible and diversified accomodating students of all age groups.

MCF's training curriculum is classifed into two main categories.
1. Training programmes conducted via summer camps. 2. Physical Training activities and Self defence techniques provided thru its CTC module at schools.

After undergoing a training programme, students can appear for certifications. The exams for certification are at different levels .i.e., District, State and National level. In this digital age, most of the children are addicted to TV and video games giving very less scope to physical activity. This kind of life style is making kids lethargic and obese. There is an immediate act waiting on the parents to alter this.

MCF is the best option for parents to pull their kids out of this vicious circle. The future of the nation relies on its youth and MCF provides the environment to shape the youth. Come join us.

“Creating Tomorrow’s Responsible Citizens”

The physical training of the cadets are imparted by well trained instructors and coaching classes according to MCF’s syllabus are also carried out by the expert professors with a view to build up   both physical and mental abilities which are utmost required for becoming an officer in the defense and civil services.

“Always be alert and attentive”

The intellectual character and moral values of students in this institution of MCF is always kept high, as the same is required to maintain the statuesque of integrity and commitments. Our mission helps the students to meet the challenged ambience with constant endurance and perseverance to lay an incredible landmark on our concrete planning of ceremony.

“Prepare people to fight against antisocial and anti national elements”

Our vision is to study the personal performance and activities of fresh candidates before they are put to the main stream of training. We keep them watching to asses and ascertain the capabilities /qualities that virtually develop among young immature students with a view to explore the possibility of positivity. In fact, it gradually helps them out to flow freely in every direction of competitive exams, for achieving the highest peak


20 March 2017

I am very happy and a proud mother to be associated with MCF. My child is shy and he usually don’t mix with other kids. But after completion of MCF training today am speechless and emotional. He improved a lot. This is a great achievement for my child. thankyou MCF.

20 March 2017

I simply tell the total commando training course program conducted by MCF is excellent. and i thank you all staff for their great efforts. Every school should include MCF commando training course in their school academics. All the best MCF.

20 March 2017

Physical activity is very important for children growth. Now a days children are very addictive to watching TV, playing with electronic gadgets and etc. I appreciate the initiation of MCF for conducting such nice activities at school. and I am very sure that every kid will be benefited from this. All the Best.

20 March 2017

Every kid need a physical exercise. Playing some kind of games is not enough for children. Every part/muscle of the body must need a physical exercise. MCF has come with all these quality based activities. These kinds of sessions are very useful for the young generation. I thank principal and school management for the facility.

20 March 2017

Marshal Cadet Force is one of the best institutes. Strictly disciplined military environment or various challenging activities offers the students to experience military lifestyle at an early age. Thank You MCF.

20 March 2017

MCF institute is very dedicated and committed for child's growth. As this is possible only by hard work of each and every staff of MCF. thank you MCF and ALL THE BEST.

20 March 2017

First of all I want to thank school management for their decision of accepting MCF. The curriculum of MCF is very good. MCF activities made my children brave and self-driven. The trainers have done an excellent job. Thank you MCF.

20 March 2017

In past generations, people used to go out and play. But now a days children are addicted to TV and indoor games etc. And with busy schedules, parents and kids are not getting enough time for outdoor activities. MCF is providing training in various activities during school hours. Thank you principal and MCF.

20 March 2017

I am very happy by seeing these all activities today. I suggest every school should include MCF curriculum in their syllabus. Thank to school management. And All the best MCF.

20 March 2017

I am a NCC cadet. I am very much interested in all these activities. I appreciate the school management for providing commando training course thru MCF. I thank each and every staff for putting their maximum efforts. All the best MCF.

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Key Persons

3Mr. Ganesh Borate : Director
5Mr. Raju Gosavi : Secratery
Commandant MCF Capt Capt.Fajru Khan : Commandant(Retd.)

News and Updates

MCF Had went to Indian Navy at Kulaba in Mumbai

30 November 2016

27/11- MCF has arranged the NDA Visit to Indian Navy Ship. Students got the information about INS Delhi, Tabar etc. 15 Cadets from 3 School were present for the visit....

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To make a student capable of Self Defence & sportmenship

Training and Guidance
Technical Training and Guidence will be provided.

Physical Fitness
To increase Stamina and physical fitness.

Build CCLL
To build Confidence, Courage, Leadership, Liveliness

Cadet Preparation
To prepare the cadet to work for the nation and society.

Individual attention and special lady instructor.